SACK Activities

SACK Staff in front of White House


SACK speaks up at the local, state and national level to ensure the rights of people with disabilities right of individuals with developmental disabilities to:
  • live independently, to exert control and choice over their own lives,
  • fully participate in and contribute to their communities through full integration and inclusion in the economic, political, social, cultural, and educational mainstream of United States society
We advocate to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in the design of and have access to needed community services, individualized supports, and other forms of assistance that promote self-determination, independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion in all facets of community life through our grassroots network of local chapters, as well as organized statewide efforts and regional and national partnerships.


SACK hosts training workshops across the state throughout the year. 

We also present at conferences and events, including our very own annual statewide self-advocacy conference.

If you live in Kansas and would like for us to come to your community for any self advocacy training, or if you have any questions regarding the modules, give us a call at the SACK office.  

SACK Self Advocates

Our Training Presentations

Please feel free to download and use the following SACK self advocacy training presentations. 

Please be sure to credit the Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas for any materials that you use.  Use of these presentations is for educational purposes and are free of charge; likewise, no fee or admission can be charged if you use them. 

To view a training module, simply click the image of the module you wish to view.  A PDF file will open up and you can view the slides. To receive the powerpoint files, please contact us.

What is SACK?

Up & Running: Starting a Self Advocacy Group

Self Advocate with SACK speaking to legislator

Leadership and Service

SACK officers and members sit at the table on boards and committees and serve as leaders, making Kansas- and our world- a better, more inclusive place to live.

The Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas is proud to partner with the Kansas Leadership Center. Through our partnership, self-advocates across the state are learning to be stronger leaders, and at the same time, teaching other leaders-in training about the issues that affect citizens with developmental disabilities.

Outreach & Education

SACK self-advocates show up at partner and community events across the state of Kansas to spread the word about disability issues, civil rights, and advocacy. ​

Contact us to tip us off about your event!